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Elevate XL27 Testing Results

Player feedback

Wrist shot comes off really nice, snap shot was effortless.  Just lean into the slap shot and let it rip.  Accuracy is great!  I like it better than my CCM Super Tacks.

T. Rollwagon - Shattuck St. Mary HS

Like it better than my current stick and will play it without reservation.  Backhand, wrist and snapshot feel sharp and crisp.

M. Crane - Hockey Coach, Former NCAA College Captain

More power and smoother release on the wrist shot.  Snap shot is even more powerful.  Everything about the shooting accuracy of this stick is just better.  Give it a chance and you'll love it.

E. Palmer - Benilde St. Margaret HS

Shooting accuracy is amazing.  It's a great stick.  I like the way the stick feels and how it handles the puck.

N. Norman - Shattuck St. Mary HS

Super consistent snap shot and one timer.  Was able to choose my spots.

R. Cobb - Minnesota Blue Ox USPHL

Definitely more snap and speed on the wrist shot.  One timer feels good.  Don't have to force it for a good shot.  Great control.

L. Boyum

Really like the passing touch with the Elevate stick.  Much quicker release on the snapshot.  I will move to this stick....when on the market.

J. Vaughan - Shattuck St. Mary HS

I had very powerful shots that all found their way under the bar. Every one of my shots had a lot of velocity and most of them were the ideal bar down shot every kid hopes for.

M. Nehls - Augsburg College