The Elevate XL27

Product Overview

Elevate Hockey has developed a new, unique “Elevate XL27” stick that features a patent pending Dual Axis shaft technology.  The Elevate XL27 is purpose driven to improve players' ability to handle, pass, and shoot the puck. We have assembled a team of experts to design, develop, manufacture, test, and deliver a safe and innovative product to the hockey market.


The change in the design of the shaft mirrors the change that occurred when players started using the curved blades.  It also leverages the modern materials (carbon fiber) used in today’s hockey sticks to deliver this technology in a way that wouldn't have been possible with wooden sticks.

Very early in our development process, we sought an expert stick design resource to provide us with industry-leading design.  Since November 2015, we have worked with Tim Pearson, who has been involved in the hockey stick market since 1994 and has worked with some of the largest stick brands and manufacturers. Tim has filed a number of stick-related patents and as a product manager has launched dozens of new stick designs into the retail and pro markets, including the first pro custom composite hockey blades leading the way for pros to use one-piece carbon fiber hockey sticks. Tim is an integral part of our team and has helped to evaluate the concept, create engineering designs, secure prototyping and manufacturing resources and oversee product testing.  Tim is a member of our board of advisors.

Through Tim Pearson, we were connected with one of the largest hockey stick manufacturers in the world.  They have been producing hockey sticks for more than 20 years and they have been in the carbon fiber manufacturing business for nearly 40 years. After developing all three generations of our working prototypes, they will service our full-scale production volume requirements as we move forward.

Manufacturing and Testing

The Elevate XL27 is compression molded using thin ply carbon composite prepreg materials and cured at high temperatures. This provides high consistency in flex, durability and performance feel.
Testing and qualification was conducted thorough laboratory testing of the Elevate XL27 stick using a set of 6 tests (Destructive and non-distructive) that confirm a stick is game-worthy, most importantly the bend-to-break tests and durability testing (using a shooting robot).  These tests ensure our sticks meet the same high standards as other sticks on the ice. The Elevate XL27 meets and exceeds the safe for play safety standards of traditional hockey sticks.