About us

Andy Oman, Founder and CEO

Andy Oman is the founder and CEO of Elevate Hockey. Andy is a lifelong hockey player and developed the idea for the offset shaft hockey based on his more than 40 years of playing experience.

Prior to founding Elevate Hockey, Andy had a 20+ year career as a business leader. Andy has held several high-level leadership positions at major corporations including Northwest Airlines and GE. Andy has developed expertise in business management, large program execution, strategy, and operational excellence. Andy has an MBA with emphasis on Entrepreneurialism and Strategy from the University of Minnesota's Carlson School of Business. 

Brad Stensrud, Owner & Director

Brad Stensrud is an Owner and Director of Elevate Hockey.  Brad is also a lifelong hockey player and has 20+ year career as a business leader. Brad has held several high-level leadership positions at major corporations including Northwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines and The Toro Company. Brad has expertise in business strategy, operations management, sales management and IT.  Brad has a Marketing degree from the University of North Dakota. 

Tim Pearson, Vice President Product Development, AKA "The Stick Guy"

For over 28 years Tim Pearson has worked as a Composites Sporting Goods Product Developer. He has designed Composite Hockey Sticks, Lacrosse Sticks, Bats, Paddles, and Fitness Equipment. His passion is to bring unique products to market that change and enhance any sport. As the inventor of custom pro composite blades with Easton, he was responsible for the transition of over 200 NHL players from wood to custom composite blades. He has designed and created over 100 unique stick designs while working with the brands of Innovative, Bauer/Nike, Easton, Mission, Reebok, CCM, Koho, Jofa, and now Elevate Hockey. His experience with product management, design, engineering, structural testing, manufacturing, and sourcing makes him the ideal choice to head up Elevate Hockey’s product development division.

Corky Hall, Brand and Marketing Expert

Corky has applied his entrepreneurial spirit to building businesses and brands for over 40 years.  Corky was owner of U.S. Communications which grew into the second largest promotional marketing agency in America and won numerous awards.  Corky co-founded Stellus Consulting to guide leadership teams to create the Strategic Vision for their organization, and the Brand Strategies that will build strong relationships with their customers/consumers/stakeholders. Corky has been involved in a number of sports and hockey related projects with:  NHL, Minnesota Wild and Pittsburgh Penguins.  Corky is a graduate of Augsburg College, where he played 4 years of hockey and was team captain.  He was named to the All American Hockey Team, and signed by the Boston Bruins.